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December 27, 2008

Been Awhile

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So it has been a little while since I posted here. With the holiday and working I just did have that much reason to. Now with the holiday over I have something. I got a 10/22 ruger for christmas from my dad. Though he pick out the wrong one at first he did take it in and exchange it to one as close as he could get to the one I would really love to have. Maybe I will keep looking and see if the one I like shows up anytime soon. I also got new room darking curtians for my bed room that will be nice once I put them up. Got a game from my sister that I already had, but she is taking it back and getting the money put on a gift card so I will spend it on a new game at some point. Got a few clothing items from my mom and a book from a friend that I have in paper back but she gave me the hard cover. Still have not read the thing. Well thats enough I guess.

December 14, 2008

Look at mail

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So I need to remember to look at my mail more often. I almost missed my jury duty sumance, not that it ended up mattering as my panel got canceled. But it does remind me that I still need to look at my snail mail.

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