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May 27, 2014

Just did something Stupid

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So over this weekend I spent way too much money on new camera gear. Now I have reasons for it as my old t1i is starting to have some strange issues, like hot spots in my raw photos. It also does not have the eye.fi integration that I have been hating a lot as I love using my eye.fi. I also got a few new lenses as the kit ones are starting to show the limitations in what I am trying to do. I got a new tripod as the one I got for x-mas was nicer, but it was not  what I was looking for. I will likely give that one back to my Dad for him to use if he wants. There is also some new light modifiers and reflectors to help even out the light that I am working with. Should mostly be arriving tomorrow, so I will not be able to play with it too much right away, but it should all be good fun once I can spend the time with it.

May 16, 2014

What is taking up my time

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Other then the normal work/sleep time eaters. I have been working with a friend on getting his works photographed and post on his site to help him move forward with his business. This has take more time then one would think, but it is good practice over all. Today I will be heading over to Austin to photograph a brother-in-law’s graduation. This should be fun as I have borrowed a few lenses from another friend for the occasion. Tomorrow I am planning to head over to some ones house to re-install a ceiling fan that I put in last fall. It is more for safety then for it not being done right, I just got worried by it after I was done, so I plan to add a few screws in to structure to make sure it can not run away.

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