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June 14, 2014

Got to play with the new gear

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Well I have gotten to play with all my new gear and it had been nice. The tripod works way better as it is not as shaky as the last one. The new camera and lenses are giving me much better images and many more options. Now I have not had them out and about much yet as I have just been too damn lazy, but over all the gear is much better.

The new light modifiers are also working out well. The brollyboxes are really nice for flash work and the extra reflectors have help to fill in spaces in my lighting. Most of what I have taken photos or are products for Joel Davis Design as he was headed down to a blade show and want photos of the things before they got sold. I also took a few photos of some old lenses that I have around that I have used from time to time to get better shots then the kit lenses. You can check those out on flickr along with the shots of Joel’s stuff.

Looking forward to taking more photos and doing more things as time allows.

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