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April 26, 2010

MRI Results

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Well got the results back today. No real issues with my neck. C6 disk has a bit of a bulge, but it is not doing anything.

For those that do not know. For many years now I have been fighting with my hands going numb and loosing the ability to hang on to things. They well also swell and remain achy for days after words. Most of the time I just avoid doing the thing that set it off. Holding on to heavy stuff, using a hammer, screwdriver, or any tool the causing me to twist my wrist, or send vibrations in to it. Before the MRI I went through an EMR test. They send current through the nerves to make sure they are working right. After this round, I was checked again, after the MRI they found a small amount of slowing at the elbow. Not much and not enough for them to do anything, but I will need to have it rechecked next year. So this explains the issues I started having with my hands falling asleep while I talked on the phone or sleeping with my arms bent, but it does not really get into the other issue. But so far it just sucks when it happens and they really can not tell me why. Guess I will just have to wait until it is bad enough for them to find the cause.

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