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April 4, 2009

New Phone

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So i started having issues with my new phone a few weeks back. I was thinking it was do to some of the software I had installed on it. So I did a hard reset, loosing some texts i wish i had not, to see if that fixed it. It seemed to have helped so I put some software back on the phone and started to see the same problems again. Then they started to get worse. So I did another hard reset and the stayed, so I did it again, still had problems, finally I took into to the sprint store on the 1st. Well I made the appointment for 1300 and was there by 1230, only to find out that the repair tech doesnt come in till 1400, and had a few phones ahead of mine already, wonderful. So as I had a few other things I could do to pass the time I left my phone and got going. At around 1430 I stopped back in to see if they knew weather or not they could fix the phone and the tech had not gotten to it yet, but they figured if they cant fix it they will replace it, go ERP. Told they should be done around 1530 to 1545. Great I had already done everything I could thing to do that didnt cost me lots of money and taken an hour nap as I slept like crap the night before due to not wanting to miss my time. But to wrap this up. Got my phone back working right and so for so good.

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