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December 14, 2008

Look at mail

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So I need to remember to look at my mail more often. I almost missed my jury duty sumance, not that it ended up mattering as my panel got canceled. But it does remind me that I still need to look at my snail mail.

November 23, 2008

Ok this is getting old, but not old enough…

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Ok, I was just reading though on Digg.com and saw another headline about a teen-aged girl getting charged with child porn for sending pictures of herself. Now child porn is not something I support or anything like that, but I also think that even teenagers should have the right to their self image. If she took the pictures, or had some one take them at her request and she sent them out, then to me it is freedom of expression, not promoting child porn. Now for the people who sent them out after she sent them to them, may have issues with the law, but as the “owner” of her own image, she should have every right to do what she wants with it and not run into the child porn laws. Now if a twenty year old man pictures himself and sends it to teenagers and they did want them, charge him with exposing himself to a minor. Holding children responsible for their own actions needs to be done, but sending them to jail for doing something that is not harmful to others or themself is going way to far. Things like this should be handled by the parents involved and not the national media. By blowing it out this way, at some point it is just going to make other teenagers do it, so they can get attention also. Or maybe I am just getting to old…

November 13, 2008

Need More Sleep

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Today is just dragging along due to me staying up to be a nice uncle and take my nephew to school and then being told that I don’t have to 15 minute before I would have left. Then work breaking loose and calling me at 1215. So yeah I got about 4 hours maybe… I don’t work so well on that. But I will make it through, I hope. Right now I am trying to decide if I want to come in early or go home early tomorrow. I am leaning toward home early as then I can get a jump start on the weekend. May be even getting the shower stall upstairs to not leak any more, or not. Maybe so winter picture taking is in order. I don’t know right now… A warm shower and a warm bed are about all that I can think about right at the moment. And now with no one to talk to, I don’t know how well I am going to be a keeping myself awake. Thous the rambling blog post.

November 5, 2008

And now a Real though

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So there is a staff meeting tomorrow, that may or may not change my work schedule. I am hoping that it does as I would like to get my weekends back. This Sunday is most likely going to be spent fixing the shower one more time, as for monday I am hoping to get the last bit of basetrim up in the bathroom upstairs so that I can mop the floor and straighten that room out. Well off to walk around…

So I missed a Day

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It would be fun for some one to think it was because of the election day, but it was not it was a flash game the sucked the time away… Oh will we all have to have fun some how.

November 2, 2008

People who are over greatful

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Ok, so as anyone can guess, I am a geek… So after people find this out I start to get calls about helping them fix computer issues, like so many other geeks. I don’t always help, or I some times just point them in their own direction. But every now and again the issue is so small, or so easy to fix once I know what it is I just take care of it. So I get a call about someone not being able to get wireless to work on this laptop they just got, so I have them tell me what they have tried and what keeps happening. It seems to be something easy to fix, I just need to know the model of the thing so I can see some specs. I find it add open the users guide, thinking this should help by showing me the laptops parts. Well after 16 pages of how to start windows, i am looking for something else. I find the right file and a picture, yeay me. So I have them look at the laptop in the right spot and see if they can find a light, no light. Have them flip the switch, light. Wow the wireless works. 15 minutes on the phone and they are happy… too happy… I was bord, had nothing going on, had to be were I was, and was just half assing it while they yacked away at me. All of a sudden they are so happy they just have to leave me a gift or something. Saying no to that was like saying stop that to the guy on a steam roller working on the street while your tring to sleep. Sure it could work, but mostly you just keep hearing the machine move. So what ever, right. It not a bad thing to have people feel like giving you something for your time, but gees a thankyou card would be enough here, not like a saved your life or fixed your only way to make money, I solved a problem that in person would have taken me 3 minutes and not 15. But no, it can’t just be a card, nope they have to give you money… Ok five dollars in the card, not needed, but ok, I can see that, but fifteen… Now if I made that kind of money doing my job, or they did doing theirs, then may be it would not bug me, but that is over an hour’s wage for them. Was telling you where the switch was really that helpful? I mean, really? Are you serous with this? Now informing them that they will have to put a railing on there deck that has a 12 foot drop, is your just ruining the view, not you saved me from getting hurt, here’s a card… I just don’t get it. I will take the money, the greedy fool that I am, but really?

Sending Pictures Back

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So, I sent a edited picture back to the person who sent it to me, looking for a little input, but no can’t even get a text back telling my if they got it or not. Oh will may be it is because of it being the weekend or some thing…

November 1, 2008

Paying bills

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Why is it that I always seem to forget one bill every other month? I have the money to pay it most al of the time. I just don’t check for that bill to make sure it gets paid… I don’t know atlest most of the time it is not a bill that kills me with late charges. I can handle a few dollars here or there.

October 30, 2008

New place to type

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Yeah so I am going to write here for awhile. It will just be random thoughts and ideas from each day.

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