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April 22, 2010


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Well looking at what all I am going to need to do to remodel the main floor bathroom in the house. Looks like alot of pulling out of all wall board. A little stud work, and a lot of wiring to get what I want. I hope to start on this the 2nd of May and have it all nice and finnished around the begining of June. This is going to be fun… I hope…

March 25, 2010

Mono still Sucks

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Well I have been getting better after getting my but kicked by mono for a month, but today I have feeling it agian. I guess I have been puting a little bit too much this week and need to back off. Good thing this is my long weekend and I have nothing going on really. Though I hope we can get the bench installed, so that project can continue. Get the basement clean up and out so that it can be used for projects.

December 12, 2009

Its starting agian

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So late night I was doing more texting then normal resently when my keybroad on the phone quit working. Guess this is the first sign of it going out, yet again. Also looking at my sprint bill I am a little confused as to why some of the charges are on there and will have to call and check with them as to whats going on there.

November 29, 2009

Really Stupid Phone

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So I just got this one a short time ago. Yesterday the screen went out and would not light out. Many resets and battery pulls later. I gave sprint a call. They are sending me a replacement handset. Now I sit down to try and see if I can get my information off the phone and what happens the screen comes to life. I am so over this phone model.

November 25, 2009

Contiued Stupid Phone

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So yeah, replace the phone agian. So I hope this will be the last one, as I do like the phone when everything is working though I need to find the hack to speed up the text display, its taking for ever and I am not a fast typist.

July 22, 2009

Stupid Phone

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I can’t wait until the next model of this phone is out, maybe then I wont have a keyboard that keeps dieing. Second phone first keyboard down.

May 16, 2009

Phone troubles

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So I have the great phone with a keyboard on it so I can type messages and notes faster, problem being it keeps dieing… Ok so this only the second time so far, but when it takes a trip to Rochester to get it fixed, it kinda sucks.

April 4, 2009

New Phone

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So i started having issues with my new phone a few weeks back. I was thinking it was do to some of the software I had installed on it. So I did a hard reset, loosing some texts i wish i had not, to see if that fixed it. It seemed to have helped so I put some software back on the phone and started to see the same problems again. Then they started to get worse. So I did another hard reset and the stayed, so I did it again, still had problems, finally I took into to the sprint store on the 1st. Well I made the appointment for 1300 and was there by 1230, only to find out that the repair tech doesnt come in till 1400, and had a few phones ahead of mine already, wonderful. So as I had a few other things I could do to pass the time I left my phone and got going. At around 1430 I stopped back in to see if they knew weather or not they could fix the phone and the tech had not gotten to it yet, but they figured if they cant fix it they will replace it, go ERP. Told they should be done around 1530 to 1545. Great I had already done everything I could thing to do that didnt cost me lots of money and taken an hour nap as I slept like crap the night before due to not wanting to miss my time. But to wrap this up. Got my phone back working right and so for so good.

February 6, 2009

New Phone

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So I got myself a new phone to play with. i am hoping to get alot of use out of it with being able to put posts on the site with it as it can make that happen with out much trouble. Anyways thats life right now.

December 27, 2008

Been Awhile

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So it has been a little while since I posted here. With the holiday and working I just did have that much reason to. Now with the holiday over I have something. I got a 10/22 ruger for christmas from my dad. Though he pick out the wrong one at first he did take it in and exchange it to one as close as he could get to the one I would really love to have. Maybe I will keep looking and see if the one I like shows up anytime soon. I also got new room darking curtians for my bed room that will be nice once I put them up. Got a game from my sister that I already had, but she is taking it back and getting the money put on a gift card so I will spend it on a new game at some point. Got a few clothing items from my mom and a book from a friend that I have in paper back but she gave me the hard cover. Still have not read the thing. Well thats enough I guess.

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